PowerGrip® Pedal Fastener - The Rig Doctor
PowerGrip® Pedal Fastener - The Rig Doctor

PowerGrip® Pedal Fastener

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The Sad Truth About Velcro® 

We’ve all been there!  You bring your rig to a gig, open up your case and find your pedals littered across your pedalboard because your velcro just wasn’t strong enough.  Heavy-duty Velcro®, Industrial Strength Velcro®, it's all the SAME STORY - it fails!  The simple fact is, we musicians are using the wrong tool for the job!  Ordinary Velcro® just isn’t designed for a pedalboard application.  So what do we do?

A Game-Changing Alternative...

PowerGrip® is the BEST way to mount your pedals to your pedalboards!  PowerGrip® uses a unique pattern of tiny mushroom-shaped posts that form a rock-solid bond than traditional "hook & loop" Velcro® just can’t compete with.  Your pedals only move when you want them to!

Your Pedalboard, 10X MORE Durable!

Ordinary commercial Velcro® only supports ~2.5 lbs/in2 where PowerGrip® can support up to ~25 lbs/in2.  PowerGrip® is nearly 10 TIMES stronger using the same amount of material

Quickly & Easily Swap Pedals In/Out of Your Rig

PowerGrip® uses a superior adhesive to most other pedalboard fasteners, which means it goes on easily and comes off without leaving behind unsightly glue or sticky residue that’s almost impossible to remove.  Spend your spare time organizing your pedalboard, not cleaning up after the mess your Velcro® made!

  • Superior strength to any pedalboard fastener on the market
  • Easy adhesion to any pedalboard surface
  • Easy removal without leaving glue or sticky residue
  • 25 lbs/in2 of strength with only 1” of PowerGrip®
  • 10x stronger than ordinary Velcro®
  • 1 Roll (10’ x 0.5”) provides material for about 10 pedals

The Rig Doctor's Prescription

  • Mounting surfaces must be clean and free of grease, dirt, and moisture.
  • Metal surfaces should be cleaned with Acetone prior to mounting.
  • Mirror strips of Power-Grip® to the desired length on both the pedal and the surface.
  • Press the tape down firmly and evenly
  • Normal Pedals will use about 1ft of PowerGrip® per pedal (6” per side)
  • For maximum adhesion, expose the adhesive to hot air (140°-180° F) for at least 2 minutes after mounting - the could be done with a heat gun or blow dryer.
  • Allow 24 hours for the Power-Grip® adhesive to set before you being manipulating pedals on your pedalboard.
  • Listen for a “lock” or “click” sound when mounting the surface PowerGrip® with its mate on the bottom of the pedal.

The Rig Doctor’s Application Notes:

  • The Power-Grip® adhesive backing will form a permanent bond over time. Once this occurs, Power-Grip® may damage painted surfaces.  In rare cases PowerGrip® can leave some residue in certain conditions but comes off easily with Acetone.
  • Power-Grip® adheres best to smooth surfaces such as coated metal or plastic. It will not adhere well to very rough surfaces such as unfinished wood, or petroleum-based laminates (like ABS).
  • When in doubt, test adhesion to the surface FIRST using a small piece of Power-Grip®.
  • We do not guarantee that Power-Grip® will be suitable for all applications and we do not take responsibility for loss or damage to property due to improper use/mounting of Power-Grip®.