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Whether you're building your first guitar rig or working as a professional musician, building the perfect rig can be a complicated, expensive, and even frustrating process - We've all been there!

Our private Tone Consulting offers an individualized experience to demystify great guitar tone, educate about rig theory, and recommend the ... Read More

How It Works

Select your Tone Specialist:

Each 45-minute Consulting session is led by your choice of Tone Expert and will be conducted virtually. Clients may select to work with one of our Certified Rig Technicians or directly with The Rig Doctor.

Your Tone Report

After purchasing your Tone Consultation, you'll receive an email from us with a very short questionnaire about the topics you'd like to cover.

After completing our brief questionnaire, one of our experts will reach out to you with a virtual meeting link to conduct your 1 on 1 Tone Consultation.

Meet Your Expert

After completing our brief questionnaire, one of Your Tone Expert will reach out to you with a virtual meeting link to conduct your 1 on 1 Tone Consultation.

During your session, your selected Tone Expert will go through the questionnaire provided and answer any additional questions you may have about optimizing your guitar rig.

* No need to take notes; your Tone Expert will be taking notes and providing a personalized Prescription post session

Get Your Personalized Tone Prescription

After your consultation, you'll receive your personalized Tone Prescription designed to walk you through the necessary steps to curing your ailing rig.

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Rig Doctor or Rig Specialist + 45 minute video call + Customized Tone Prescription

Private Tone Consulting

Private Tone Consulting

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We Guarantee You'll Love Your Private Tone Consultation


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Get the cure to your ailing pedalboard


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is My Private Session?

Each Private Tone Consultation is 45-minutes long.

Can I Have My Session In Person?

All Tone Consultations are held through a virtual meeting platform. in the rare event that you cannot attend through a virtual meeting space, we can arrange for a phone session. Having an in-person Consultation is not offered at this time.

When Can I Book My Session?

Once you have placed your order for your Private Tone Consultation, you will be contacted by your Ton Expert to arrange a convenient time to schedule the session. We are typically available to conduct the session within 3-business days of purchase.

Can You Build/Fix My Pedalboard For Me?

We encourage our clients to learn to take care of their gear as much as possible.

If you want or require one of our experts to fix, design, improve or optimize your guitar rig, we would certainly be happy to consider the project. if this is of interest, please email us directly with the specific request to

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