Handwired D-style Tube Combo

Do you have $100,000 burning a hole in your pocket? If so, we recommend that you grab a used D-style amp — it will serve you well (provided you have top-notch insurance and never leave the house with it). But if you want a D-style amplifier you can actually gig with, the Rig Doctor's Special is destined to be your pride and joy. Loaded with a 12-inch Celestion Heritage G12-65 speaker, this handwired 50-watt combo yields a surplus of singing steel-string tone, and it's one of the most pedal-friendly, all-tube guitar amplifiers you'll find. The Doctor's Special includes a flexible 3-band EQ and presence-enhancing Accent control for dialing in your sound, and its 3-spring reverb tank produces an immersive, ear-grabbing sound that's guaranteed to elicit your most inspired playing ever. The Rig Doctor's Special also boasts a solid, finger-jointed pine cabinet covered with durable black Tolex, plus a head-turning diamond grille cloth.

  • 50 watts of tube-fueled goodness

    The Doctor's Special is a tube combo amplifier loaded with four 12AX7A preamp tubes, one 12AT7 preamp tube, and two 6L6GC power tubes. The guitarists here at Sweetwater really dig this amplifier's clean, high-fidelity tone. Its compressed character and dynamic response are second to none. Plus, it emits a sound akin to clean feedback, ensuring near-endless sustain without added harmonic saturation. Got stompboxes? Then you'll love the Doctor's Special. Like the legendary tube amp that inspired it, this combo guitar amplifier makes a superb pedal platform.

  • Laden with hands-on tone-shaping controls

    While the Vertex Doctor's Special is primarily a clean amplifier, there's nothing sterile about it. From glassy Mayer-isms to deep-fried Texas blues, this tonally malleable combo amp is chock-full of gratifying ear candy. You can sculpt your tone to ear-grabbing perfection with the amp's 3-band EQ. The Accent knob dials in your presence with subtle harmonic-laden saturation. Finally, a 3-spring reverb tank unleashes titanic waves of lush, spine-tingling ambience.

  • The Rig Doctor's Special Tube Combo Amplifier Features:

    D-style tube combo amplifier with 12-inch Celestion Heritage G12-65 speaker

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